Barilla Dumplings

Ok…so the service is not what you will find in most restaurants but this is a cheap eat and has no frills, bells and whistles but what it does have is great tasting food…exceptional dumplings and a miss match in menu translation…deep fried squid doesn’t look like deep fried squid but is the most delicious squid, vegetable (OK so mostly onion but hey onion is a vegetable….right?)…with chilli, herbs and a great flavour….we order it every time…about a dozen times now.

Dumplings…take your pick and dredge them through Chinese black vinegar and soy, devine…also try the shredded potatoes with the chilli…..another great dish especially with the vinegar. Non licensed but the tea is enough. They are one of Metros top 10 cheap eats.

571 Dominion Rd , Balmoral , Auckland City

O’ Sarracino Ristorante Italiano – Mt Eden Road, Auckland

I have added this restaurant as it is a gem and although not a cheap eat it is worth the effort and dining experience. It would have to be one of the most traditional Italian meals in Auckland and New Zealand. I know that we were onto a winner when the waitress recommended a bottle of wine $10.00 cheaper that the one we asked for as she felt it would complement the meal better. No pushy up – selling. You just want to try more and more dishes and savour the experience. I dined with a table of 10 and everyone had meals to remember (in a nice positive way - not the other way).

Try the Maccheroni del Saracino - Prawns, fresh cream, tomato and parmesan cheese and the antipasto platters…..I left this place walking like a pregnant donkey I ate that much as the flavours were divine.

A great find and consistent staple of Italian cuisine from Naples. The food is really good and always a great treasure. We go there on special occasions (try make some up) as we want every visit to provide the memories it deserves. The specials are great and so are the portions. A word of advice is ask the price of the specials and the special wine offering. Been to O ‘Sarracino maybe 6 – 7 times in the last few years.

Make sure you book as they are very popular.

Santhiya's South Indian & Malaysian Restaurant
1270 Dominion Road Mount Roskill, Auckland

A great cheap eat with the best flavours. It is quite an unassuming place and it doesn’t look like much from the road but with a consistent A rating it is worth the venture. I was told about this place by a client some years ago and went one day to check it out. But if it hadn’t been for the recommendation I doubt if I would have given it a go…try the dry lamb curry…actually try everything.

I pop in occasionally for a takeaway curry but end up spending about $50.00 as I can’t go away without 3 or 4 bags of different dishes. With the starters just order them all and take what is not eaten home.

Sundays for lunch you can eat all you can eat for a small modest sum with the food served off banana leaves….

Been there about 30 times in the last 3 years…a testimony to the great dishes they do and the consistently high level of food they produce. The dry lamb curry is still our most favourite and I don’t think we ever go there and not order it…..we tend to go for every entrée and take home lunch and dinner for the next day. Exceptionally great food.

Sri Intan Malaysian & Vietnamese Cuisine
945 New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland

Ok, so a bit of a theme with the Malaysian cuisines….this place is just like mother makes so a Malaysian friend of mine says….try the Roti Canai and the Beef Rendang, both dishes are very traditional and a delight to eat…if you call ahead and give it a few days the chef will make a special lamb curry.

The Lobak (5 spiced pork) is also very good. My wife accuses me of ordering too much food but when it is this good I look forward to breakfast even if it is a reheated curry. A good cheap eat.


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