Great places to try and visit in Melbourne…..

Tribal Tastes

A great find and as the name suggests it is a flavour packed feast from Africa. Spices, Biltong, Smoked meats and sauces and readymade meals. The chef owner Kunle grew up on the land in Nigeria and has a real passion for the cuisine of Africa.

Queen Victoria Market Shop 83, Dairy Produce Hall.


I didn’t know what to expect heading off to an Ethiopian restaurant but heard it was good and I have this bent that lurches me to strange places to try different cuisines. What a pleasant surprise and a fantastic adventure. You mostly eat with your hands (unsure which hand I should have used so I used both….not at the same time as I have some etiquette)….hey I figured I use both hands anyway for the business so no harm done.

Savoring Ethiopian food is something I will do again. Go to the Abyssinian and order a sharing platter chefs combination on Injera bread (more like a sour dough pancake) and the Ethiopian beer…who would think there would have such a great beer….bring it on.

277 Racecourse Road Kensington, Victoria 3031.
Bookings call: (03) 9376 8754


A great find…one thing I do it ask people with accents where they are from and where they eat that best resembles the food from their country of origin and one day in Melbourne at a local newsstand the lady behind the counter wasn’t throwing the traditional mate and cobber at me and the tan she had was a little more than skin deep…after a riveting conversation about food, family and flavours she recommended Abla but said we would never get in as there is usually a month wait for a table…I called and timed it right for a cancelation and a table....(thanks to the plague or whatever it was that knocked back the punter who canceled but I can only say a bonus).

Abla Amad is the owner and chef. She has a brigade of Women in the kitchen and on the floor….no testosterone here. The food was traditional, truly Lebanese and wonderful. If you want traditional Lebanese food then this is the place. Everything is good so enjoy.

109 Elgin Street, Carlton, Victoria, Tel: (03) 9347 0006 ,

Prahan Markets

A great foodie Mecca…..great handmade pasta and all manner of great Mediterranean stores and a great culinary school and produce stalls….and of course great coffee so strong your hair stands up.

 Lamb on chapel, 394 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Melbourne

...(one of the best Greek lamb meals I have had in a long time)……whenever I am in Melbourne I insist on going to for a lamb souvlaki within 24 hours of landing…regardless and it has to be planned for at least 3 visits in a week….It looks like the greasy spoon type of takeaway but it is deceiving and pleasantly so.

I found it by chance a few years ago and since then I have heard chefs talking about it. The lamb is cooked on a charcoal fire to which adds to the flavour. Wear loose fitting clothes as you will eat a lot. Well I do anyway.

Hummmm…..what can I say…a year or so on and the place is not what it used to be…still OK but not the rave this time and the compulsory go back a second time taste….good to see the owner is still grumpy….needs to take a pill….bit cold and greasy….next time in Melbourne I am heading elsewhere.

Jims Greek Taverna 32 Johnston Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

Yes another Greek experience. When in a new city I always ask the Cab drivers for the best meals, now best meals do not always mean the most expensive or the most ritzy, which is fine by me as it is all about the experience. A cabby recommended Jims and without any expectations or pre conceived ideas we headed off on a Tuesday night for dinner.. the place was packed which is a huge testament to any restaurant on a Tuesday night.

We managed to be wedged around a small table and were offered entrees….no choice just a comment like “hungry” we said yes and off our waiter went to return with a huge array of different tasters to try. Great and I tell you I had no idea what one or two were but the flavours were awesome. Do not ask for a wine list as it doesn’t exist….they have house red or house white…..we had the red, actually I think it was wine……you could have ran a small car on it and they probably did…. my wife found it a little too rough (think they made it themselves)… wasn’t that bad and after a carafe I didn’t really care what I was drinking.

The waiter who could have acted in the sopranos invited us to chose a main dish… pen required to note down the requests……”meat or fish” when asked what meat he simply stated meat… we opted for both with a little trepidation around what could be defined as meat…. It was all good….a huge plate of fish filets and sliced lamb turned up in short order and swimming in the best olive oil with huge fresh pieces of lemon.

The place was an experience and a great blessing to find. There will be people who come here that will find it not what they would prefer but that is fine and life is all about the experience and the journey. Let me know what the house white is of you go there……might be the cure for some strange ailment….! Great value for money too.


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