BBQ Seared king prawns with a Thai salad and lime and peanut oil dressing

A great way to serve prawn cutlets and not just reserved for the summer bbq. Suitable any time of year this salad is fresh in flavour and can be spiced up with more chilli if required. The flavour combinations are a winner.

Serves 4

8 – 10 pp (32 – 40) large King Prawn cutlets
Peanut oil
Sesame oil
Fish Sauce 2 – 3 good splashes – 1 -2 for marinade and 1- 2 for dressing
2 Tbsn grated palm sugar
1 Tspn grated fresh ginger
2 x spring onion – finely sliced on angle
1 x red capsicum – fine slice (julienne)
½ telegraph cucumber – cut in half seeds removed and then cut on angle
3 Tbsn shredded fresh mint leaves
4 Tbsn shredded coriander leaves and a little stalk
1 cup fresh bean shoots
1 small red onion – finely sliced
4 Tbsn shredded Thai basil leaves
2 Limes – 1 in juice and zest / 1 in finely cut wedges
½ - 1 red chilli finely shredded (if desiring a little more zing and bite)
Salt and pepper


Marinate the prawns in bowl with a little peanut oil, splash of fish sauce and the zest of the lime. Place back into fridge.

To make the salad add the cucumber, spring and red onion, capsicum, herbs and the bean shoots to a bowl and toss together. Add the finely shredded red chilli if desired and to taste. I prefer a little more bite so I would add 2 chilies.

Make the dressing by adding the juice of the lime, the grated ginger, palm sugar and a little sesame and peanut oil to a bowl with a good splash of the fish sauce. Combine together well. Add more or less fish sauce and oils as desired. Season with a little salt and cracked pepper.

To a hot bbq / grill place the prawns taking care not to overcook…..assemble half of the salad onto a platter. Arrange the cooked prawns over, around and in the remaining salad and place on platter. Dress with the dressing and garnish with the lime wedges.


BBQ Seared king prawns


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