Olive roasted chicken

Olive roasted chicken with a roasted lemons and olives, pan roasted baguette.

This is a great dish if you love olives and who doesn't by leaving the olives in the oven a little longer they crisp up and provide a great flavour to the dish.

As always the Village Press lemon infused and Picual olive oil is the only oil for this dish. It works so very well with the chicken and the roasted olives. I usually add pieces of dry baguette (although any dry thick crusty bread will do) to the pan to soak up the pan juices and to provide a great texture to the dish.

Serve with a crisp green salad with a splash of cider vinegar and picual olive oil drizzle. .

Serves 4 - 6
1 x good sized fresh whole chicken (Free range if you can get it)
Village Press lemon infused olive oil
Village Press Picual Olive oil
3 lemons halved
1 x Baguette -dry day old works best but any crusty bread will suffice
Large green olives- a dozen or so or more
Stuffed green olives - with pimento- a dozen or so or more
Black Kalamata olives - a dozen or so or more
Sea Salt and white Pepper
Green lettuce leaves for salad
Cider Vinegar - splash for salad dressing


1. Remove the chicken from its wrapper / bag and pat dry with paper towels then place into a suitable sized roasting pan / dish. Generously rub the chicken with the Village Press picual olive oil and a good splash of the Village Press lemon infused olive oil. Season well with sea salt flakes and freshly ground white pepper.

2. To the roasting pan, with the chicken add a good handful of stuffed green, large green olives and large black Kalamata olives (I like to use more than less as the roasted olives make great eating even when cold so tend to use about 12 - 20 of each olive). Mix well in the oil in the pan placing around the chicken.

3. To the roasting pan add the pieces of dry baguette or similar bread mixing through the oil adding a little more if required, place the halved lemons around the pan also.

4. Place the chicken in a medium oven (190- 200c) for about 40 minutes or until cooked (this depends on the size of chicken and the type of oven. It is very important to ensure there is no pink colour in the meat  (check under the thighs).

5. Occasionally stir, turn the olives, the bread and the lemons in the pan to ensure even cooking and taking care not to burn them. Baste the chicken occasionally also.

6. When cooked I usually serve the chicken whole on a large serving platter or in the roasting dish if it is a nice one with the olives, bread and lemons strategically around, and the pan juices drizzled over the chicken.

7. Devine!


Olive roasted chicken


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