Open prawn wontons with avocado, cream cheese, water chestnuts, chilli lime dressing

This dish has great flavours and textures that make it rich, intriguing and moorish. The avocado oil is a nice compliment and has a great colour and vibrant green which really highlights dishes and plates.

Serves 4


8 Won ton wrappers - square thicker variety cut into half on a diagonal (triangle)

Oil for frying won ton wrappers light vegetable

175gr Prawns cooked small - medium

1 Avocado halved and thinly sliced

½ - 1 Red Chili finely diced

Lime Avocado oil

EV Avocado oil

150gr Cream Cheese light

Splash Cider vinegar

75gr Water chestnuts sliced

Sea salt and ground pepper

Small Coriander leaves


1. In a suitable sized pan heat enough light vegetable oil with a splash of avocado oil for colour to lightly fry the won ton wrappers until crisp. Lightly cook the won ton wrappers one or two at a time turning if required allow to colour lightly. When cooked place on paper towels to absorb any excess oil.

2. Combine the cream cheese with a little lime avocado oil, season.

3. To make the dressing combine the finely diced red chili, a good splash of cider vinegar and some of the lime avocado oil. Combine and season well.

4. To assemble the dish use large white round plates. Place a small spread of the cream cheese in the middle of the plate, then place one of the won ton triangles. Assemble the layer by adding a spread of cream cheese, avocado slices, prawns and a slice or two of the water chestnuts. Add another won ton triangle on top and repeat the process.

5. Drizzle the chilli lime dressing over the won ton and around the plate. Garnish with the remainder of the water chestnuts placed for effect and a coriander leaf or two.

Open prawn won tons with avocado, cream cheese, water chestnuts, chilli lime dressing


Open Prawn Wontons


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